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to six hours the activity of the drug seemed to have ceased.

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ovary, and where was it prolapsed to, and what did it do when

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foolish, open-mouthed, pinched, and with a fallen-in condition

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In fact, it is often the so-called delicate ones — those who

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soreness and general weakness. Next morning vomiting oc-

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formed of the dates of their societies' regular meetings. Brief notifi-

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flowing back from the inverted condenser. After thorough

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with gastric juice and afti-rward with pancreatic juice. The

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dence, in a large degree, of the community in which he lived. In

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cases of pregnancy result in abortion, and little children are

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universal. 6. " Herp6tides exfoliatives " of Bazin. This, like the pre-

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cient Gaul, is divided into three parts: One comprising those

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Both forget that the nursing, which occupies a child fifteen

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As announced, the course will consist of three lectures,

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There are almost limitless possibilities suggested by only a su-

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Tliat hiemorrhage from the ovary must be frequent, apart

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intermittent attacks of pain. He told nie that he had eaten,

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was the author of a report on Sanitation, which, though little heeded

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materially benefited, and in many cases the disease might be

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the health otficer, or quarantine oflicer, at the port of entry, or

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New York, or come in twice a week for one month at least.