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may also be general, but in the majority of cases it is confined to the

torsemide to lasix conversion

gastric juice. In the more chronic cases belonging to this class or those

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not occur until a late stage in the affection. The risk to life is slight.

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stated, may be absolute or partial, and either general or limited to groups

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torsemide vs lasix conversion

can succeed, however, that is not carried out patiently, systematically,

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Very exceptionally other anomalous positions are acquired during

torsemide to lasix conversion po

Incompatibles, Eruptive Fevers, Weights and Measures, etc. Hand-

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diarrhea is a prominent symptom. The existence of this special variety

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Illustrated Catalogtie of the ** American Text-Books^' sent free upon application.

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nent, however. The deep reflexes are increased on the paralyzed side,

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may ooze around the uvula from the pharynx. In mouth-breathers of

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stage. If, as the pathologists have shown us, this early stage is

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reach the surface of the body, and rarely the sternum is eroded. Pal-

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essentially from those met with in catarrhal inflammation of any other

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collect in different parts of the organism, marked disturbances — nervous,

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toned up. For stomatitic salivation potassium chlorate is first in rank

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consciousness develops suddenly ; in other cases local or general convul-

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It is considerably relieved by the recumbent posture, and is aggravated

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degrees of intensity. The combination of lesions in the spleen, lymph-

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circulation ; 4. Vicarious menstruation ; 5. Alterations in the blood ; 6.

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the bossellated surface present in cystic goiter ; fluctuation may also

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these circumstances fermentative and putrefactive changes set in.

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Pathology. — Histologically, the cells are not distinctive, being iden-

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Romberg was the first to call attention to this condition. His orig-

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titis, in which bacteriologic examination showed the presence of strep-

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under cocaine; the hypertrophy, on the other hand, very slightly.

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severe abdominal pain, which became excruciating in character,

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Repeated attacks of acute pain, tabetic in character, and particularly in

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of producing a satisfactory work, the book is delightfully and simply

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the location of tender points, and the character of the gait suffice to pre-

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