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fumigation of sulphur, closing the doors and windows

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the sufferers are cured, they do not always get well. As re-

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Peru. Notwithstanding the hot weather the little sloughs separated

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tion of granulation tissue. In spots the epidermis over the

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only thirteen inches; pulse, 88 ; chest expansion, two inches;

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We believe these meetings have been slimly attended heretofore,

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chyma slightly contracted. The liver was large and soft, and

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pletely overthrown by the post-mortem findings. The truth

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that it will have its best eflfect if given early in croup. If

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said that the improved Ca?sarean section offered justifiable

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membrane. At any rate, it was not like other mucous mem-

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2d. When formed, how and when should the pus be removed ?

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Macgillivray replies to his opponent's strictures in the same volume

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Methods of Craniotomy (Donald, Trans, of the Obst. Soc. of London,

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found to have contracted slightly — from one to three millimetres

trazodone reviews for dogs

also an illustration of personal filth." During all these centuries of

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read with great interest the recent paper by Dr. Goodell. Cer-

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intra-uterine treatment should be withheld. For e.xample,

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tray the pathological anatomy of any of the syphilitic new-

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best preparations are obviously obtained from regular longi-

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Dr. Phelps practiced excision by an open wound, leaving

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[E) Sponges. — No sponges are used, but, in their stead,

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2. All obstructions to nasal respiration should be re-

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all the facial muscles seem to participate in this deranged and

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the clot only proceeds from the surface of contact. When,

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fully fifteen minutes to do this according to Soxhlet's

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years of age. He is replaced by Professor Verneuil. It is im-

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pain, was indicated by Nature as the cause of t;he symptoms.

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by some evil consequences. When the spasm had existed, the

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Sketch of Charles H. Nichols, M. D., LL. D. By W. W. G. [Re-

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and allowing the most satisfactory drainage. Next in impor-

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While this does not purport to be a systematic treatise, or

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mechanical obstruction to the passage of the food from the stomach.