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getically, and to this end the iodide of potassium should be
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resulting from violent coughing, or to profound exhaustion
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3. Such a condition of the mother that the Caisarean operation
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age existed prior to the employment of the electricity. 2. Sup-
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to be congratulated upon the success which has attended
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previously indicated it. Whenever the bulk and strength of
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tion, and was not deflected from the median line. This
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his patient to an operation which is not free from danger
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kept records assumed such a shape of proven and acknowledged
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it is during these that ovules are produced and thatf^fecundation is
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in the fissures, sinuosities, and anfractuosities which are
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and the urethrograph have led me to the conclusion that
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The following table shows the remarkable increase of mortality :
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Operative interference in this locality was a dangerous pro-
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particularly when ulceration also is present, they may be
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tendency of these cases to remain latent for some time, and also
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sibly the work may contain a few conclusions on the part of the
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in all epidemics, much variety has existed in the combina-
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of the head the deeper parts of the same head at two dift'erent
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sary to recall the observations of Metschnikoff on the power
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called for the purpose of eliciting reliable information from
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ten-grain doses, to be repeated hourly if necessary, but it gave
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(2) Cholera Infantum. — Contrasting strongly with the
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the case that the salivation might have been caused by the ten
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steam and hot applications, and in the latter constitutional treat-
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proximately healthy tissue. If she was going to die we could
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suddenly blessed with an abundant supply after a long pe-
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(h) Children, little children particularly, bear much
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the inhalation treatment, and I can safely say that this
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were both patients of mine), but was turned over to Dr.
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by disease, retarded in growth by improper food and feed-
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years with obstructive dysmenorrluea. Many remedies have
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fine forced hira to accept the alternative. Free from the neces-
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