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research and in which so little advancement has been made.

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Let us now direct our attention to regions where cattle

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promote the advance of medical education in the State. It is

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conditions were very much the same as that of the vaginal sur-

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of Dr. J. Matthews Duncan, and it is with some hesitation

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toms. Rigors were quite common. The highest temperature

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figure would represent the potassium as ten times as active as the

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drainage-tubes were very objectionable, for small portions of

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other remedy, a matter which can be borne in mind from

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which one litre of an active pancreatic juice was employed,

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added. The patient's feet are warmly clothed and kept

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reason, however, is to be found in the fact that Chevalier,

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have been debauched, addicted to sexual and alcoholic ex-

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recent researches, these changes in them take place at each menstrual

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time only, the paroxysms invariably returning. The last oper-

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" It often happens when treating a case of chronic Bright's disease,

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the form of systematized mechanical movements. New im-

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of infancy running a prolonged asthenic course like these

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meatus was almost certain to be found contracted. Hcemor-

trazodone for sleep reviews

repeatedly led the patient to give up bromide treatment,

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milk-drinkers and the other non-milk-drinkers — and mcdi-

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tongue. There has been no spasm of the muscles of the limb

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One of the most remarkable articles of the year is that of

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complicated or combined with disease of the annexa, are

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tion, but notwithstanding that the specter of lupus hangs

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Stonk, E. P., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Ordered to the Independence,

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repeated accomplished all that was to be desired. Temperature

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Case I. — A. R., aged twenty-five, a resident of Camden and

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The Death-rate of Boston. — There were 4 1 6 deaths in Boston in the

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nual) ; Gynaecological Society of Boston; Burlington, Vt.,

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quire the most skillful medical treatment in their earliest stages.

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Leiter cannula, with which any sudden movement of the

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has been done by some of our American writers, particu-