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Army Medical Mdsecm, Washington, D. C, March 20, 1890.
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phrase that merely wraps ignorance in the garb of scientific
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lished with the results, in order to give a final and reliable report.
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tinal antisepsis in typhoid fever. Considering that putrefaction
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tinal disease. Ulceration, and even pseudo-membranous
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ness. The published results of both parties were now available
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Before considering the pathology of this class of cases,
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ing remarks upon most subjects connected with general medicine, greatly
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V. Cornil, " Bulletin de la soo. anat.," 1874, p. 231.
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powder. This saved the person affected much inconvenience
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lowing history : At birth and up to the eleventh month she was
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held closed for three or four seconds, it would stoj) the heart.
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aseptic. It may be that silkworm gut will be an admirable
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site of the scar on the scalp. It could not be accounted for as
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ward and crowded slightly to the left. The cul-de-sac was very
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