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on the incomplete figures just given. A study of the records of
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in such decided language, than an analysis of the principal pheno-
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haemorrhages into the substance of the liver and lungs, than to designate them
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that this peculiar affection is ever dependent upon a sub -inflammation
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a derangement of the nutritive process throu2;hout the entire organism,
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this compressing tumour, being of a naturally firm and dense structure.
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water and 0.3 c.c. toluol to check bacterial activity. To two of
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female, aged thirty years; occupation, cook; born in Russia; in United
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which different joints and groups of joints were involved each time, or in which at
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administration of emetics and purgatives, and afterwards a continued
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the first and st^conil divisions of the bone being severed and turned out-
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turned. Another caustic was applied on the opposite side of the spine below the
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the treatment of apoplexy should be to get rid of the coma as soon as possible;
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During the nine years which the patient has remained in the hospital
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jntf the vanity of their science, and the falsehood of their pretences. Thus Ben Jonson
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the consequence of the sudden withdrawal of that excessive stimulus
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into my writincfs; youthful rustics are not to be supplied with white bread,
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possibly spinal caries and hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy.
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tumour: but though it took etiectual hold, no pain was produced by the applica-
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ney sympathised with it then, I cannot learn, but its function was continued;
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but still continued, and gave the sensation usually the effect of a slight appli-
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cured from the establishment, but died eleven weeks after of typhus fever. The
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Physical Examination (on admission). Female, nutrition fair, not very
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chlorphthalein and had established the normal excretion in dogs
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the patient research of medical men during the last few years, for the
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Prejudicial Influence Resulting from the Abuse of Intoxicating Drinks, in
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voracious. The 1st of March, after a ride on horseback, there was a discharge
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it from the height of a few inches, removes it entirely from the suiface of the
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family lines; and this conclusion is supported by the extinction of
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poisoning, asphyxia, cachexia, and the verminous aftections generally.
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stimulation, will recover its irritability by rest, although all its nerves have
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disease of the liver by a failure to find urobilin in the urine on one
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The anijuhir projection, near the upper part of the sternum, is caused by
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whether at the placenta or umbilicus, and also whether it presents