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care of the general practitioner not very infrecpiently may

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various acids, as by-products, which greatly interfere with

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on which the plates were hammered out. Recalling the copper-

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practical popular enjoyment, and in order to hasten the time

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diate contact with the nasal raucous membrane. It must

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the prolonged after-effects of these inspiratory impulses may

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chill, after which his temperature was 104°, jjulse 180, respira-

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The first question was as to the nature of the tumor. When I

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verified by several careful workers. One can hardly repress

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rest retrograde metamorphosis, they leave the patient in no

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the vital energy of the lungs, analogous to that resulting

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lis she suffered from gonorrhcea for several months. After

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pupil, which was, however, not maximal. Pressure upon the

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology); New York Orthopiedic Society;

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of his attacks. There existed, however, a chronic diseased condition of

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formed a kind of physiological filter by which corpuscular matters

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Extracts of Letters From Major- General Bryan Grimes to his

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companied by constitutional disturbance ; gradually diminishes in extent,

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of ribs in empyema; but, of course, he could only say now, in

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membrane. The bowels were somewhat relaxed, although

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fective eyes, dysmenorrhoea, and indigestion — each condi-

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terruptions necessary to keep up narcosis were extremely an-

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cupied by the family doctor as by any means an ideal one. His