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William Leo-Wolf of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and of Hamburg,

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duoma Malignum, " which was read before the section of Obstetrics

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for five years. Trouble came on gradually, the discharge being

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for any other condition than some disease of the ovaries.

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tablespoonful of water, administered each hour or two ; but most

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rheumatism is, with noticeable frequency, accompanied by endocarditis, and

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in 1875 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts, and the Master degree

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corporeal essence, which science inherited from theology, pre-

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the same time safeguards the limb from any circular con-

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common sense, a commodity none too common. By discard-

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logic of the supporters of homoeopathy, and the "new code"

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ever frequently it may be done. When the eyes are properly

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abroad to continue his studies and also partly in search of health.

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master, and the closing years of the war. The incidents are

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pains and swellings, symptomatic of metastatic collections

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honors of the freshman year, if it fell to his school, h

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quack. ... So long as such customs prevail, the public cannot

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types are dominated by three conditions, the most important

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It is all the more indicated to make use of this technique

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make you aphysiciao." She said in her heart, " If papa

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to October 15, 1886, when he was advised to leave New

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a physician, as was also bis grandfather and great-grand-

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are now twisted, the ends cut short and turned down, or perforated

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He was a member of medical societies in all parts of

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members of the society only. The book also contains the con-

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visiting surgeon to Gouverneur Hospital, in which capacity he has

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;o they established a hospital in Birmingham for the

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1898 ; was secretary of the faculty for some years, and in 1886 re-

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circumstances has pierced for itself a course from the neck

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London and the rest of the time in Paris, Berlin and Vienna. In

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Such is a brief history of the inception of the new col-

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application of dilate arnica and aconite to the abdomen. The

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at Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, New York, which he supplemented

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attcntivencss and proficiency; and the mutual regard

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special lesion of the blood itself, and is, therefore, to be regarded as in a

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even than dietary rules, especially with children. Who of us

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the various tissues and organs of the human body. The illus-

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little book has to convey ; and to learn that lesson, and follow

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life endurable; while others will be able to be about and assist

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