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the plug, a stream of blood flowed from the ear, and the plug

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These considerations make the problem a complex one, in

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state, and in the others the diagnosis may be made by the intro-

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etc. But a careful examination of the chest, or a good roent-

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The earliest recognised cases of cholera occurred on May 21st, at

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at a meeting of the health department of the National Asso-

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granules appear, but if the glass became too hot these crystals melt

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and about. In fact, she has been a bed patient only during the

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admission to the port, and, being refused leave to enter, were forced

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of puberty, when suddenly the forces of life seem to acquire new strength ; and

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thick fluid, which is now termed the embryo, the weight of which is aboil

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and such English or other foreign authors as have been trans-

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nothing but his books. The c^er-studious young man, unless he has a con-

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epidemics of cholera. The total mortality throughout Egypt, from

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obtained; during this period 160 gm. of nitrogen equalling 1000 gm. of protein were lost to the body;

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frequent during the first half of gestation, and the mortality much

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food of the child is made impure, and thereby it is diseased. Keep the food of the

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sensibility, with its appropriate reaction, to which a special nervous

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less against this complaint ; and if localised Faradisation has, in

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it is difficult to xorm a correct opinion. Men have often applied

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oarly disease and death. How many young men are thus led astray ! Now, as in

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nutrition fairly good. The patient has continued on her feet

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considerable favour in North America. Dr. Flint gives the par-

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with earthy matter or lime. In proportion as we eat or drink, are our lives

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absorbed in the small intestines by the absorbents or lacteal vessels. In order to a

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of water yields with bichloride of platinum a copious and rather

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whey, but there was less in the whey of the milk drawn after twenty-

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passions of man and prepared the mind for the reception of prophetic influences;

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planned, the started one evening to make Mrs. M a call, resolved

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Parents should not sexually indulge after conception ; since the fruits of such

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At the present writing it would appear that the urea con-

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spirit of Yaukeedom. I did not make known the fact of my having satisfactorily

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in and the child recovered completely. This baby was recently

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a defect at birth, or brought about by bad habits of dress; and in

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neglected by the natives of India, and the children amongst the

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local causes of disease, wo should see, that instead of a ratio of deaths of about 1

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