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[Reprinted from the North American .Journal of Homteopathy.]
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erative procedure, with or without an anfesthetic, upon the
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trolled by mechanical appliances. He also described some cases
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the proper way to organize a County Board of Health.
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fossa in brachycephali lies deeper — that is, nearer to the primary focus
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m^des, by Dr. Bardet, for antineuralgie treatment : Exalgine, one
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have restored the natural contour of the entire face. The
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for the purposes of exploration, to which I shall hereafter
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tinuous treatment from the time the patients applied until
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that the ovary had no more to do with menstruation than the
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of Gamberini as to the sweat glands secreting fat have proved negative.
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the spleen? Was the spleen in its normal position? It did feel very
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quantity of blood agrees with what the author has observed in the
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construction of the same in accordance with the plans as ap-
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Meetings of State Medical Societies. — TUe annual meetings of State
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tine in this situation is found collapsed and eechjmotic. Bound
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he deals with ideal children, all of one size and one weight,
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There are undoubtedly cases in which the operation is indicated even
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curred with a lapping or gurgling sound, alpparently from the entrance
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formation here which if obtained by experience he may
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previously described. At the inception of the eruption the
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true chemical compound and not merely a mixture. It is
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down on long standing after the thymol had nearly or com-
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work of the congress may be admitted as extraordinary members.
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will be fully discussed later on. In this and the precedincf
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less, and also in thick, dark-brown layers. The delicate-branched, col-
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Dr. Phelps and Dr. Gouley were of the opinion that the
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In the nerves of the frog, and in those from fishes likewise,
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valgus, so that every foot-fall of the growing child would give
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ble, it is best to avoid the peritoneal cavity by entering the