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appeared intensely reddened, had aphthous (?) spots on it, and was
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croupous and diphtheritic inflammations of the different mucous mem-
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injurious influence on the body. It seems much more probable that
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Philippines and in the number of sick invalided home from the Philip-
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Consider the very great possibilities of sanitary accomplishment under
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caused by this disease in adults, and the great danger and totally differ-
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accompany the disease, they are not symptoms of it Hie habitual use
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is a smaller percentage than the findings in the autopsy room. These
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complication, but a symptom of scarlatina, which is just as constant as
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Through all his wickedness and ignorant bungling, it is at
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shows a peculiar chronicity, and sometimes is only very
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to send the patient to such places as Ems,' Obersaltzbrunnen, or Gleichen-
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The indicatio morbi calls for the same general treatment which we
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more thiosinamin injections. The use of a rubber bandage was, however, regularly
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Pkognosib. — Although most of the patients attacked with perito-
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the left side as far back as the shell gland, and fill the median field
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The Streptothrix of Caminiti (Centralbl. f. Bakt. etc., orig. (1907), 44, 193)
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(1907), 109, 533-535. — * Actinomycose cervicale. Lyon mid., (1907), 109,
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other hand, with regard to the appearance of isolated cancerous nodules
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prove that the stomach has not borne these insults without injury. We
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ing competent nursing for a large number of infants, the ravages of con-
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may subside in course of half an hour, sometimes sooner ; at times not
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made; potassa fusa is now rubbed on the exposed skin, through the hole;
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of an aneurism into the air-passages are to be treated of hereafter.
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are so characteristic that the diagnosis of this form of consumption
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posed to it than males, I think there is no doubt that poverty of the
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particularly affects the soft palate and tonsils. The generally sharp
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of carcinoma elsewhere. It is true that, when asked, the patients are
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beginning the sputa are transparent and viscid ; at a later period they
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to some cause other than metastatic, from the condition of the
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ples, which have occurred during the last two months, will serve to
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arm, especially adapted to those near the wrist-joint, which
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Strictures of the oesophagus, in the exact sense of the word, de-
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chial disease, a feet which has many analogues, should further experience
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valvular disease is not compensated for, and the lungs are loaded with
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the term oedema is applied to an effusion of serum into the interstitial
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the commencement of the expiratory act. The normal vesicu-
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Here they again curve upward, run into the cortex, become
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should have been quietly and noiselessly answered. The ad-
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Orenzgeb. d. Med. und Chir., (1900), 3, 561-580; 621-638; 665-668.
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ogy, of pathological anatomy, and pathological chemistry, made
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striction of the glottis. In straining, and in playing upon wind-instru-
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pneumonia of typhus, and in that of old persons. When the pneu-