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of acuteness of hearing owing to fatigue of the auditory attention,
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is placed upon the top of the cylinder. The apparatus is left on for
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ordinary. The patient often abandons himself to incessant loquacity,
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separating funnel. After being thoroughly washed, tbe
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of thirty and fifty years. Children suffered but little, which
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when treated with acid fluids, since the swelling action of
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ciated with litliRjmia. There is also a harsh, dry cough, with
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wires, it had been decided by the consensus of legal opinion
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sisted. There were polyuria and constipation. As first seen by
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tions. It may be used in the so-called external form, by frictions, and
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the fact that the great English teachers of medicine and surgery
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this, at least incurable by non-operative methods, then it is
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the Oentralblatt fur Ohirurgie. His paper is largely theoretical
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trouble to the family, but the results are gratifying. Be.
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markable similarity. In the case of these antipyretics small
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foot, so that the patient in walking could bring the weight first
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ing, held on Tuesday, the llth inst.. Dr. E. L. Partridge read a paper
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lesser degree of superiority on one side or the other must
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Sulla vaccinazione. Conferenza tenuta al Congresso internazionale
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will then be seen to resolve themselves simply into regula-
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dition could not be said to have been improved. Anotlior patient
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structure. These facts will fully explain the varying clin-
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This is one of the rare cases of the busy merchant turned author.
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the bath, even if the temperature was below 103°. In these
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least (ifty cover-glass preparations in this case. I found plenty of
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of the urethra, having always in mind the relation which the
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Medical Improvement a unique case of hysterical mydriasis, pa-
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the lymph spaces — never longer than rS/i, their proportion of thickness