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If the attending physician is the medical officer of health of the dis-

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whole face, excepting the forehead, lips, and lids, and occurs in the

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After ligation of the common carotid there was considerable cere-

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committee in its efforts to secure legislation at the hands of the

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for a permanent hospital, to secure a location higher up in the

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Ankylosis of Joints was the title of a paper by Dr. A. il.

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and in the chronic forms of broncho-pneumonia, cocillaiia

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cedure, as it was easy to set up peritonitis. For years he had

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The exophthalmia began five years ago, following a miscarriage.

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them, so as to leave a small opening at the side of the cork : then put two

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In a table arranged to correspond with the tables and fig-

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To prevent the glare of reflected light, the glass crystal

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asserts that horses were affected with a cold at the same

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gelsemium, or that the results are less satisfactory than in

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110 times in the obstetrical clinic at Dresden — 80 times for carcinoma,

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Without describing the treatment of the complications

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change of views before they give their evidence." Members

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passages. Under this heading is introduced a chapter on hay

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danger the life of the patient and cause more or less mutila-

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I in the consideration of non-malignant hypertrophies and ul-

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after another, and led to a tedious and unfavorable result.

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The necessity for early interference in cases of..peritonitis

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tive inflammation agree very well with the clinical history

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require twelve editions in twenty-two years to meet the de-

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But what it is important to note, is that epileptic delirium some-

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corded and a simultaneous record made of respiration, no

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treme grief. I examined her urine again, and, of course,

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partially relieves the distal engorgement of the appendix

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"Prognosis and Ratio of Mortality. — Although uncom-

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tity of common salt. Boiled water can always be procured, and this,

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anatomy of the duodenum it is impossible to suggest a better