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psychiatry and neurology. Not only to the specialist but to the
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simple a procedure as introducing an aspirator needle.
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traction by weight and by splint, both in the line of the
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tubes are brought forward aud secured in the abdominal wound. Silk
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and binder. During the operation the patient had breathed
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ample the baneful force of a one-sided view of surgical matters
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may be induced to test for themselves its real utility.
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spectively. Slie miscarried at the fourth month six years and
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that atrophy of the optic nerve was a common occurrence in
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arrived from affected places. In the visitation of 1836-'37
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tions of the county, in any other way than that laid down by the
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wall, striking on about the same part of tlie scalp. This last
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relation between ocular defects and cephnUc symptoms is
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the ether by means of alcohol, and the latter by cold and
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surrounded by an erythematous zone. This enlarges and becomes cir-
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last March (Fig. 2); and also a second photograph exhibit-
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Gunshot Fractures of the Femur.— Dr. .John Brownhigg,
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In order to avoid all loss, the separating funnel below
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vation within the last twelve months. He used the word " non-
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Duncan's cases, in which he stated his belief that they were
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lady afliicted with rheumatism to whom he had adminis-
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simply through their effects upon nervous irritation. It should
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through the vulvar orifice is a factor of safety never em-
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Portugal, and Italy, and has recently crossed the Mediter-
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ter instrument, devised by Professor Otis, will, in the
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3. Mouth-breathers invite diseases of the throat and
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as well as its posterior wall, were matted with the growth, as
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importance of ocular defects and consequent nervous strain
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toms had in time passed ofif and no operative procedure had