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is on record in its " First Biennial Report," showing with how much
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of the brain could be located on the surface with perfect ac-
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Aside from the long waiting, the process can be carried out
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one one hundred and fiftieth of a grain every three hours day
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because it left shreds of necrotic tissue which prevented the ab-
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its own cells and fluids, agents which can ordinarily destroy, or
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This state of affairs has left a wide field for every prac-
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principally in the lower part of the large intestine.
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of potassium. Nose irrigated daily. Patient grows stead-
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New York: William Wood and Company, 1889. Pp. xvii-
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of election for an indefinite period, and improve locomotion by
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Dr. C. S. Killebrew, Tarborough; Dr. W. T. Ennett, Burgaw; Dr.
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Of these, seven showed lesions in the sympathetic system,
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times honored the votaries of medicine with gifts of golden crowns,
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