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ence when we say that it is by these very papers, if they are well

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sults would be briefly cited. Thirty-eight cases had been re-

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examination disclosed an enormous gangrenous cavity in the

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ple thrice a day, and gave him a third of a grain of pilocarpine

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or the rheumatic diathesis. Iritis might be due to hereditary,

does promethazine codeine syrup get you high

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plan of treatment should we adopt ? Tbere are two recog-

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definite and harmonious inseparableness when the laws of de-

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* Read before the Pittsburgh Academ; of the Medical Sciences,

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skull in the occipital region, evidently caused by contre-coiip,

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The operation of nephrorrhaphy may often have failed

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doubt, a case of transverse presentation. When the woman

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certainly too unwieldy to come into very general use.

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what crude way, they had been more or less shocked by the

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used morning and evening, the lather not being rubbed off. It acts

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attention of the Grand -Jury of Kings County, which has found

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The Chairman said he coincided with the opinion that the

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of the Academy. The commissioners, therefore, respect-

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Healing had been prompt, while the vagina had been re.^tored

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Dr. A. H. Smith referred to a case, which he said Dr. Noyes

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lesion is found on the retrotarsal fold of the under lid. In

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suing year were: President, Dr. William W. Potter, Buffalo;

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Profuse vomiting and purging, the stools finally becoming

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the symptoms satisfactorily to the patient. To select at

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This brings up the question, When should stricture of

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was rubbed to a fine paste with a like volume of fresh alco-

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AccoHDiNo to the British Medical Journal, a new biblio-

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Saturday, Januari/ ISth : Clinical Society of the New York Post-gradu-

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each of the three symptoms in turn, and in one case all

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flammation. — Dr. Stimson also presented a patient twenty-two