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the pelvis. The occurrence of the last two attacks after the
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to it that in your library you have books of recent publication upon
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pressed on, and thus reflex movements were excited, the effect of
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will hold an election on or about Apiil 15th for the purpose of filling
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interval of about an eighth to a quarter of an inch between the edge of
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county societies to purchase all the volumes of Transactions
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sor in the resident's office of the above-mentioned institution, D.
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a large proportion of cases, and his subsequent experience
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vomiting and pain. The dressings were saturated with bloody
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employed very dilute glycerin, first staining the more ten-
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Olavide says that there are always six to eight cases at the Ma-
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will be one teaspoonful every ten minutes for an hour, then
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irritation, which set np a train of nervous disturbances and
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will take place, and Dr. J. R. Goffe will read a paper on Four Successful
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and could not be everted. By lifting it sliglitly away from the
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rations which are fluid at ordinary temperatures. Fluid cos-
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impairment is slight, the patient complaining, perhaps, of
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Concerning the advent of the disease at this Home, no
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daic currents in these old cases, for he did not believe that the
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and laryngitis cocillafia could not be well tolerated, as it ap-
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then gradually straightened. To overcome adduction, an
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Many of the most stubborn of these cases readily yield to
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am free to say that its judicious employment will add ma-
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a copious pleural effusion, preferably situated in the left side, which
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le Dr. Sevestre, medecin de I'Hospice des enfants-aasist^s. Paris : E.
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even then, after four years of perfect freedom from grand
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for patients who had undergone this operation, and to try and
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I strongly advised her following the directions given her by
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lege, of Philadelphia, having been charged with cruelty to ani-
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Failing in these measures, Dr. Ranson Introduced a trocar and