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process goes on until all the uric acid has been set free. The pres-

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the patient and physician. It does away with the administration of

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called hyaline glomeruli, which have still the form but none of the functions

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The Optic Nerve. — The optic nerves compose the second pair of

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heart are above those of the right, and the fibrous tissues and serous

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this fact, indeed, which has drawn the attention of clinicians to the

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also been detected in urine, but their presence has no clinical import so far

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hydrates, is first ascertained. According as it is then free from sugar

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of the symptoms, especially those referable to the nervous system.

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Such injuries may result to the organs of generation from an attack

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the material available is considered it is not surprising that its exact nature

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In scarlet fever the poison of the disease probably paralyzes the

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Preventive treatment in the way of properly fitting shoes is first

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and limit heat-formation and prevent undue rise of temperature, we

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r. Valvular Lesions. — Valvular insufficiency is often met .with as

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if no such substitute is formed, the tubule, as such, ceases to exist, or remains

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cream makes the resemblance to human milk closer. The added

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bistoury down to the bone. This opens through the periosteum and

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I. — Description of the Female Genital Organs. 1. The

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will. This subject is one of unusual interest. There are two kinds

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est benefit, and the entire subject of local treatment may well Ije left

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one; and this compensation is a virtue not to be ascribed more to the kidney

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given and absorbed in numerous but small, or few but large meals.

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death by coma. Our knowledge of this condition is of recent date,

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granular effervescent form which adds not only to its cost but to