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yond the external genital regions and in their extension in-
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sick a number of days with oroupy cough before seen on Octo-
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last incumbent. Professor Richet, made but infrequent and short
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long enough yet to die. The other part of Dr. Moore's commu-
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The field of operation was surrounded with aseptic towels.
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we cannot help coming to the conclusion that the period of menstru-
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cular inflammation of the skin. It would be well for clinicians to use
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epidemic, there is more or less derangement of the chylo-
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conseijuent variability of fluid extracts produced therefrom, is known,
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whether she will next spring bear two, or one, or none."
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tite. Physical examination indicated somewhat labored breath-
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use. The Messrs. Hostelley have certainly placed the pro-
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the curette with the douche and to follow with the same.
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this mass. At last he had been successful in the use of a short
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croscope these grains, varying in diameter from O'l to 1 millimetre,
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Foods for the Fat : a Treatise on Corpulency and a Dietary for
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goi'gciiR'nt and prevents complete mortification of tiic distal
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work seems to be absolutely unfounded. It would be well in-
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cases, and in one half of those lasting over ten days. In
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wires, it had been decided by the consensus of legal opinion
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measuring or medicine glass, clearly marked in teaspoon-
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of epileptics a peculiar mental state which manifests itself in the in-
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dermoid growth — and the indications at once alter. Careful
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immediately after the injection and without any premoni-
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just as in intra-uterine pregnancy. The placenta may
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prescribed by the faculty law. For more than twenty years
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along with increasing or decreasing doses until the desired
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effect ; and in respect of this, sodium bromide would rank far
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by the difference in the species of pine in the two countries. We
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The symptoms during the first four days were not very urgent.
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