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should be performed in non-suppurative salpingitis unless there were
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endeavor to place all these insane in State asylums, except in
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tum or bowels. The tumor was carefully removed, the pedicles soft
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Dr. Charles Phelps read a paper and illustrated it by speci-
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matter what the operation might be which was undertaken for
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divided after the manner of Dr. Phelps. After some further
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remember his modulated, melodious voice, harmonizing so well with
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and operators. We must also bear in mind the important paper of
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in the medical journals. We refer our readers to Remking's Abstract,
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mation of several of our readers who have inquired of us on the
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SiE : In reply to Dr. Tbayer's inquiry, on page 269 of yonr
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chloral and 10 grains of sodium liroiuido = 15 grains (l-OO)
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iiitiological factor. The only medication used with the
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The Medical and Surgical History of the War, &c. Part III.
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Secretaries of medical societies will confer a favor by keeping us in-
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ditions often exist simultaneously with or immediately pre-
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vealed a condition of things similar to that described in Case 1.
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the Raleigh Register shows another stage in the discussion:
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pression in which it lodges corresponds to the dilated orifice of a hair
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two physicians, and the first year gave relief to six hundred patients.
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Therapeutic Use, and Mode of Administration ; together
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was now evident that something more had to be done to save the
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To Contributors and Correspondents, — The attention of all who purpose
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morbid changes found in the synovial membrane were most marked in
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satisfactorily, we agreed upon: 5 Potass, chlorat., 3 i.j ;
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operation, so far as he could follow it, a clever one. He feared,
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not seem to allow its being included among those cases
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Method for determining the Mobility and Elasticity of the Tym-
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causes the death of the patient without secondary deposits appear-
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coated with lymph. Each wound was closed with a single row
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