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violent vomiting for two days, enlargement of the liver and of
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bo performed ; certain procedures involved in the operation
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preciating this difiiculty, the speaker advised in such cases plac-
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manipulation iu the act of dressing, etc. The treatment he ad-
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much improvement until a dose of sixteen to eighteen drops
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in detail of the rapid progress of the epidemic over this
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the Secretary of War, and the Signal Service Department, request-
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vocal cord had been diagnosticated and the patient had been
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tient, as the pain attending its passage had always been more
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ation, where they inay be subjected to pressure, chafing,
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of animals affected by tuberculosis is from five to twenty-
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of bone resulting from the disease. When once cured, no
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the immobilization of cases of fracture adjacent to joints and of
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pation of organs apparently diseased fully unsexes her and
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Gardeners generally ascribe these results to overfeeding and over-
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lacerated wound of the head, extending from the right external
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passed an approved examination before the Board of Examiners,
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Case I.— This infant, a female, healthy child, was sent to
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thirty-second day, the fourth on the fortieth day, the sixth on the
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change in those cases was a desquamation of the superficial
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Dr. Joel W. Hyde, and Dr. George W. Brush ; trustee. Dr. A. Ross
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origin are usually benign in character and of limited development. It
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had been set up by temporary spasm of the blood-vessels, or