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dilatation allowed of free circulation and an increased radia-

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a sense of extreme irritation about the larynx. This patchy


or of chronic diarrrhoea or dysentery. For many years,

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In reaching the conclusions here given I would say that

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in passing I desire to call your attention to the fact that

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moved at the end of the sixth day. During the time it was in

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the diagnosis was to be made from the surgical standpoint, it

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plaining those cases in which an intraperitoneal abscess is

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lager beer is, in my experience, the worst. This arises

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following this, an agent which has gently stimulating, astringent

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This book is one of the best in existence upon the anatomy

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Cough is not only the first indication for the employment

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eliminate tuberculosis, but this could only be done by increasing

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the rectum. He had understood Dr. Wyetb to say that ether

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matter of the same parcel of which he had sent to Dr. Hunter and

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They considered the case to be one of typhlitis, producing pa-

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This, then, was the key-note of the situation. No county could

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should be added that in all these instances the system must

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with it are to be condemned ; that the use of electricity and


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than curative treatment has in half century of its existence." But

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erence to sex, duration of life, previous health, family history,

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of pregnant women. They are also produced by the tearing apart of

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tive organs ; and, although the usual nisus may and does occur dur-

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the not infrequent result that the gleet untreated becomes

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Case II. — L. C, aged forty-five, single, Irish girl, came to

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no deformity remained. If the process had advanced too far,