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The weight, not the age, of the infant determines its food properly.
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the blind eye are entirely normal, and that is conclusive evi-
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4. A uniform pressure is exerted against the urethra at
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tive organs ; and, although the usual nisus may and does occur dur-
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ward consulting physician to that institution. The deceased
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eyes were less prominent. On July 12th, twenty-three days
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the 30 non-carcinomatous cases, 17 were operated upon for myoma,
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tissues was continued beyond the functions of circulation
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the profession, I feel warranted in again placing it before
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said the interest of it centered round two points— (1) the diag-
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wound around the head and under the jaws, 5 yards of garter elastic
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7th, 8 A. M. — Tonsils very much swollen, and they and the
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third patient, an infant of eight months, convulsions had con-
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jury or lesion caused, accompanied, or followed the first
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notwithstanding the hesitancy of some conservative minds?
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months-old child with abundant albuminuria, due probably
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dominal wall, brought this body against the fat at the bottom of
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if not literally, uniaxial. Of these, the cocoa-nut may bo instanced,
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tail tendon ; the wounds did well ; the operations were performed
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washed with ether, and dried at 110° C. The following re-
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wound, beneath the divided orbicular muscle. lie then introduces
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ber, 1889) considers that the phonograph possesses all the qualities
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table is deficient, and others will sooner or later make
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of raonochloracetic acid, which had the peculiar property of