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of a color darker than the normal skin — a color that could be made to
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The field of operation was surrounded with aseptic towels.
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The old method is to make the incision in about the
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at the end of which time he has become the subject of a severe
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tation above the trachea will reveal the presence of some
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points I form a judgment of the probable course and termination of
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gias. We are told that it lessens the amount of sugar and
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fastening the uterus to the abdominal wall in any way was the
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in a 1,000, being the lowest death-rate yet recorded, the
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that she was obliged to send for a physician. When seen about
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levator labii superioris alasqne nasi was reached and freely
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that portion of the skull-wall immediately under the point of im-
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part a hard, movable tumor was felt in the right side of her
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mestic cows. He spoke of the Chinese as a people who did not
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not recollect of a single case." As to the Argentine Re-
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there a protest against it, until quite recently the laparoto-
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large size, passing to a con-^iderable depth below the vocal
syphilis could be obtained and syphilitic Infection seemed im-
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before, and had been told at that time by the family physician
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Charities, thereby impeding the work ; but that State did not have
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the true tumor of the ovary — whether cyst or solid tumor.
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AVe all know of the case of a member of our profession
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ment cured eight patients and improved five after being carried out for
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number of lepers in Spain is 1,000 to 1,500. An attempt was
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New Operation for Displacement of the Uterus.— Dr. A.
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The wound made in ligating the artery, healed well without any
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