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be easily carried out by any medical man, as it is far less difficult than

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could aid the Board of Health in a most signal manner . . .

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San Francisco, etc. Second Edition. Revised and enlarged. Phila-

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mainly those connected with disease of the liver, the spleen,

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26). The interfibrillary space contains a few giant cells,

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and loving father, a patriotic, faithful citizen, and a good physician.

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ca-'e of cerebral ha3morrhage as a concomitant of suft'ocation.

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medicine and surgery, but we consider that the massing of clin-

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that the books accessible to practitioners do not, and indeed

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blood, even to the healthy brain, would produce abnormal con-

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rating appendicitis, idiopathic peritonitis, and typhoid fever, and

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short attack of peritonitis two years before. Otherwise she

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body can also be used in its quantitative determination.

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and arms, patellar reflex being diminished. In the other three

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As it now stands, hardly a week passes by without seeing some

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the patient was able to swallow fiuids and semisolid foods.

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nary manifestations of the neuroses, such as epilepsy and hysteria,

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Some narrowing bands were found, but even after this source

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In the year 1882, guided by the well-known efficacy of

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through the tissues, it is disengaged from the holder by half a turn of

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once laid aside, and in a week or so these untoward symptoms

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his remarks with a review of the usual methods of overfeeding

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uterus. He would oppose it in all cases unless the growth was