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tributed the death, which resulted from general peritonitis, to

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and are then passed through the tissues on each side of the

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watery solution, and dissolves easily in warm water and in

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to the treatment of the urethra the same sound reasoning,

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confirm this, though he interprets the fact differently from Brouar-

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domestic and manufacturing uses. Until the year 1852, the in-

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vidual's age, time, and circumstances, or, such impressions and ex-

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a modification of the well-known Croft's splint, and it is recommended

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fermentation proceeds even after the closest microscopic

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for, as the author says, "so little is at present known of the

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a question as to the presence of a stone in the kidney or

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ing or begins to apply herself more to needle-work (from

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day. The use of exalgine m influenza has been advocated by

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was involved and the nipple was retracted. The tumor nieas

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tween the dead and living tissue where Nature is sufficiently

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quire the most skillful medical treatment in their earliest stages.

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I have perhaps sufficiently emphasized the importance

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sume charge of the matter was dismissed without serious con-

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sites of success. The urethra may be coaxed, but it can not

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certain that union will take place, as we know from personal experi-

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patient's death as I do on account of the great improvement

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ber, 1882, and before the Georgia Historical Society in December,

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ited tenement and flat houses, both of the lowest and better

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under the author's name are treated as strictly confidential. We cati

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major points acceptable as worthy of the surgeon's confidence

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ed) without some relation to the needs of the system generally.

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the skull and the abscess cavity. The majority of cases of

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The most important event accompanying the reopening of

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puration of the dead fcetal mass had not occurred in any case

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For the other case, which I had the good luck to watch

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causes would act to bring about many of the changes in the

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do not share in the muscular spasm. His general muscular de-

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development of a paratyphlitic inflammation and abscess. The

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certainly have saved the patient's life, but it might have aftorded

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nection with carious spine were now being regarded as tuber-

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but subsequently have bred with cart-stallions, Mr. Spooner is in-

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remedy is usually prepared in the following manner: The seeds are

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There is another class of cases not nearly so numerous