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matter of doubt where tiie bladder really was. Above this

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Newberne, the report of a case of posterior .auricular aneurism,

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1. Those which proceed from an exaggerated physiological haemoi--

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the electrical treatment was resumed in earnest, the galvanic

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and death. There was no injury of the dura mater and none

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respiration 35 ; p. m., temperature 100°, pulse 140, respiration 40.

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recurred, though not at such frequent intervals as before. It

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Prompt remittances from subscribers an absolutely necessary to

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had formerly treated him for this disease, and demanded to be bled,

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hol, and, after forty-eight hours, again pressed out and

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things, can be nothing more than an attempt to do this.

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emergency, and that the real condition must be discovered

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neighborhood of the groin, on the side opposite to the opera-

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feasible. It must be admitted that the ultimate results of

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nutritive supply and vitality, and tends to resist to a won-

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the optic canal. I wish to add that there are a few cases on

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flow from this opening, until it was estimated that about two

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The memorial Hospital at Scranton. — It has been authoritatively

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gout. Snch a one might not have much mental strain, would

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ble to the Government. The pending bill has been ably sup-

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formed. There is, for instance, as Shorthouse has pointed out, a

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involved the perineal rhaphe and had caused a nutmeg-sized, pe-

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came into my service at Bellevue in October last, indicates

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Adjacent Hyperplasia. — 0. R., American, a domestic, aged forty-

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strength of these baths should be about fifteen to thirty grains to the

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who are willing to enter upon their work without prospect of reward,

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building is an imperative necessity, on grounds of sanitation as well as

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Slst. — Blush gone; no rash ; free from fever ; lively.

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cent. sodium carbonate, was repeatedly filtered from the

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a large, irregular, grayish, granulating mass, of a cauliflower ap-

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at stated intervals, and at times when keepers of these institutions

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and harmless compound with phosphorous, notwithstanding the

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gisches Centralblatt, January 3,1890). Instead of stretching