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tenesmus as distinguishing dysentery from diarrhcea, and

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tions are to be observed: (i) when a matiuscript is sent to this jour-

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that it is impossible as yet to define strictly the boundary

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cipal, scientific, and historic interest, as the distinguished character of

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either a large subperitoneal tumor or a small polypoid development

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the brain and dnra mater, and those occurring at a distance,

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at the request of the Cholera Committee of the Royal College

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doses, bringing the patient rapidly to the point of nausea, action

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Of the 94 patients, 3 died — 2 of the disease, and 1 was run

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4. The head having been crushed, it will be more easy to exert trac-

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the pathetic admonition, " I pray you, love, remember! " For-

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3. That subsequent disturbances of circulation in the

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wound, the achivement of the sanitary service has been, during the

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food is resorted to, and, as the weak stomach finds it less la-

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It frequently happens that well-to-do occupants of apart-

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experience had entirely dissipated that belief, and he was forced

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young fibroblasts, b, J, J, stages in the development of a giant cell, c, from the proliferating

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F,R,C.P. Assisted by E. Muirhead Little, M.R.C.S. Illus-

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majority of the cases) that their entire absence in the pres-

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show, appearing especially on exertion. Coming after the climac-

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themselves with the same or some allied .symptoms. He be-

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attkck, and when unsuccessful after the first twenty-four or

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the result are discovered, the examination goes no further.

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ures that dammed up the flow of tears previous to the acute

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visited him, on April 14th, there was no doubt that an abscess

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the examination of a very large number of patients. He had cer-

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frequently in the latter is due to the fact that in empyema there is

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both eyes looking exactly like the ecchymosis dependent upon

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duce its best effects. To rest a fatigued brain is not to do

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shape, as in the work under consideration. The book marks a