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assumed such a shape of proven and acknowledged facts as to acquire

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Dr. Webster, who, on making an examination, discovered retinal

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The lower cross-band is five sixths of the circumference of

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two classes, the former are the non-tubercular when the

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the instrument, when the air would How into the receiver, which

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ered in the faculty amphitheatre. A disciple of Oliarcot's, he

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tion of the Adirondack region as a health resort. Several causes

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an equal quantity of energy, measured as heat : Fat (100

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and deaths reported during the two weeks ending March 11, 1890:

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preventable. They see that the same line of argument which forces

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jury haviDg been obtained. On examination of the patient about

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Larynx for Diphtheritic Croup.— Dr. W. Haileb, Jr., of Al-

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in a diffuse fibroma of the organ, or it expends itself upon the elements

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Mount; Dr. Geo. L. Kirby, Goldsborough ; Dr. J. P. Sugg, Tarbo-

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often saw cases of this character, while they were now met with

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Pharyngo-oral syphilis seems to locate itself most frequently upon

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caiions of matters that are expected to come up at particular meet-

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party in the shape of a report of the history of a case of in-

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divine purpose with physiological law, of blending the rays

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VI. 50 grammes of nerve from the brachial plexus and the sciatic nerve

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same doctor in his enthusiasm as to the facility of this transmuta-

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a level with the middle of the patella, and extending it down

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In one of these two cases the entire superior maxilla and the

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plied. Immediate improvement took place in the condition of the pa-

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condition to a report of cure. With respect to surgical

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When first presented to tlie notice of the profession in a some-

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land (annual), N. J., County Medical Societies : Fairfield, Conn.,