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she occasionally suffered from attacks of severe pain in the right

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same. Besides, and that was important to state, an extra sheet,

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two theories: some difficulty of excretion of urea in the kidney, or

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that could not be avoided, and were to be threatening the

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Eminent and competent men now declare and prove, that fully

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daily use, and yet it treats of each subject with sutticient full-

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vical mucous membrane, so-called catarrhal cervical endome-

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occurring between the parallels 33° N. L. and 24° S. L. On

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astringents or caustics, or even the use of the curette, is but

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I feel that it were better left untouched than handled in

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amount of physical energy, and it nearly always rose again as

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aphasia, partial dementia, increasing knee-jerk, feeble car-

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overcome. He graduated from tlie College of Pliysicians and

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pression of irritant and untoward electricity falls in our

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now drawn closely to the side of the chest, thigh, and leg,

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Dr. McUurney, Dr. Milbank, and Dr. Taylor. The patient being

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ration. It is well known that Bering and Breuer * have

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died. He leaves a widow and two promising sons to mourn an irre-

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fied by the perusal of a history of the Royal Imperial Society

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out the wound and the patient gave persistent attention to his

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opening for some time. Tbe patient ultimately recovered en-

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Seyler, Strassburg ; H. Munk, Berlin ; Voit, Miinchen.

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scientific men began to teach that the micro-organisms of dis-