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the number of beds has been lessened nearly one half.

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♦Abstract of Proceedings, &c, &c, New Orleans, 1883, p. 13.

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Dr. Wyeth reidied that it was well defined and b.ad sepa-

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any constitutional reaction. Microscopical examination of

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A VAGINAL hysterectomy forceps should be so constructed that it

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medication with the iodides mav be carried. I myself have

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land, Baltimore, April '22d; Texas, Fort Worth, April 22d ; South Caro-

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by falling against the edge of a door. Ferrotypes illustrating the

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lodged in the middle ear. Examination with a N6laton probe

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sufficient fcurrent was employed to produce good muscular con-

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which he maintained for specially manufactured nursing bottles,

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shows in an admirable manner the tuberculations and lobu-

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entertained as to their essential nature, the matter is a very

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which the lower end of the kidney could be seen. This was

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house surgeon. Dr. Sharpe, by manipulations through the ab-

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Dr. Cox, having been consulted by Mr. M'Ardle upon the

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my internes and nurses, the ulcer healed very slowly, and it re-

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ties there are in the way of the attainment of such an object ;

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The Employment of the New Phonograph of Edison as a TTniversal

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In the case of young children, where a powder or spray

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tilized by their own pollen, but can easily be fertilized by that of a

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and Bull; rarely the nicer is situated on the inner surface of

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her to endure the disturbance of curetting. The other class in-

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der, especially in the inguinal and hypogastric regions. Ex-