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bladder-wall backward, and then slipping a scalpel throuijli the
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ber, 1882, and before the Georgia Historical Society in December,
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formed of the dates of their societies' regular meetings. Brief notifi-
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chyma bring the raw surface thus made directly in contact
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but I consider it one of the most delicate tasks in medicine
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ground which has been hitherto untrodden, for nowhere in the
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germ is cylindrical, rod-shaped; with rounded ends, about 1'2
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brought about the desired end. Mr. Tait is satisfied that the
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cur in Vienna in the spring and fall and with considerable regularity,
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blood of the petechiiE, and pure cultures injected into rabbits give rise
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the same in all experiments; it always contained 0'5-per-
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left to serve the purposes of life, provided we could prevent further
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a very acute neuritis of the auditory nerve induced by extension of the
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question. I have not attempted to go at all into the litera-
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blink, nor did he suggest or think that it should be lightly un-
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years free from seizures — almost a cure. The evil effects
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■ . "But it is possible to make certain improvements in the law
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much stress upon any particular form of appliance. Each de-
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firstly, toward maintaining in perfect order the apparatus
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der's operation than in any operation where the round liga-
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articles which, although they may he creditable to their authors, are
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sodium salts are generally very little disturbing to the tissues.
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sicians' Visiting Lists" include in their printed suggestions this
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side. The pupils reacted normally. The hemiplegia was diffi-
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by the a])plication by the physician in attendance of traction in
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was scraped and washed out, a drainage-tube inserted, and the
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unsatisfactory than boldness without discretion. The ques-
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vansaries known as asylums, where the mere attendance to the